Laidback Luke & Benny Benassi @ Govenors Island [Dance.Here.Now. Festival] 6.3.2011 (Review, Videos)

Happy Sunday everybody! Sorry this took so long to write, it has been such a hectic week! Dance.Here.Now. Fest was pretty epic to say the least. Pulling into Manhattan at South Street with J-Brown, we headed towards probably one of the longest lines for public transportation I have ever seen. Once we arrived to the island with ravers sprinting towards the main stage to see LBL give one of the most stellar and assorted sets I have ever had the privilege of seeing. Making my way onto the General Admission floor swimming through a sea of people, Laidback had been dropping some serious bombs just grasping everyone in the palm of his hand. In the video above, LBL drops ‘Kendo’ by Nari & Milani, a festival bomb that whenever heard live, completely puts life in every member of the audience. Keeping the ball rolling, LBL immediately goes into his mash up of ‘Save The World’/’Give Me Everything’ which in my eyes is one of the better remixes of the track. After a few tracks such as ‘Babylon I love you So,’ ‘Last Friday Night,’ “Mortal Comeback,’ ‘Mush, Mush’ and many others. There was a section of his set that caught my heart. After dropping ‘Hey Sexy Lady’ Skrillex Remix he went straight into sections of Jacob Van Hage’s brand new Spotfire Private Edit ‘Anytime is Dubstep Time.’ From the crowds reaction, Jacobs choice to throw the drops from Dubsidia’s ‘Kill Humans’ in the mix of epic Spotfire was groundbreaking. After the transition of Spotfire LBL went straight into probably one of the most epic moments in live Dubstep performances I’ve seen in awhile. He stopped the flow of heavy hitting dubstep and played the typical ‘I’m Coming Home’ verse by Diddy usually dropping into Dirty South, ‘Flash’, ‘Knas’, any general house drop. But no, Laidback took the cake and dropped Doctor P’s ‘Big Boss’ was truly amazing. CHECK OUT MORE AFTER THE JUMP!!

After a great dubstep routine. Laidback went straight into a sick Moombahton routine including the ‘Are You Ready‘ (Mahesa Utara remix), slowing down Afrojack’s ‘Riverside’ Remix along with many other amazing tracks. Shortly following the great Moombahton he went into an unexpected rap routine! Dropping ‘Lean Back’ by Fat Joe and ending with ‘Jump Around’ by House of Pain into Steve Angello’s ‘Knas’ also known as ‘Knas Around.’

There were many memorable moments, one in particular was when Laidback dropped his Better off Alone Remix by Alice Deejay. I haven’t heard this track since UMF and when I heard it drop so many memories came back and it was such a fantastic moment!

Following Laidback, Benny Benassi took the stage and surprisingly dropped some pretty crazy stuff! Starting slow with tracks such as Third Party’s ‘Duel’ and ‘Mush, Mush’ he was warming the crowd up for something serious. He went into straight noise for a good half hour of his set with tracks such as Tommie Sunshine & Bart B More’s ‘Drop Acid’ and Autoerotique’s remix of Benny’s ‘House Music’. The crowd was surely loving the hard hitting electro and was ready for more. He went straight into the Skrillex remix of his 2011 anthem, ‘Cinema’ and let the entire song play through from start to finish! On a dubstep runner, Benny dropped tracks such as Doctor P’s latest hit, ‘Tetris’ and many others.

After dropping many crowd pumpers and dubstep tracks that had the entire Dance.Here.Now crowd off their feet. Benny dropped classic ‘I’m Coming Home (Dirty South Remix) and even the people in VIP were dancing harder than the GA crowd! Overall, Benny had an incredible set, I was pleasantly surprised because I thought I was going to hear ‘Come Fly Away’ and typical Benny bangers. Instead, we were all graced by loud electro, dubstep and some great Benassi remixes that we all love!

Kudos to both Laidback and Benny! Fantastic sets and I couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday evening :)

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  • July 10, 2011

    Ryan Klaser

    look up: Big Boss Is Coming Home (Oh Snap Bootleg)
    LBL uses their bootlegs alot

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