Lange & Cate Kanell – Fireflies

Lange & Cate Kanell - Fireflies

Lange and Cate Kanell combine to create an atmospheric trance track that is your uplifting listen of the day, and available now on Lange Recordings. The breathy vocals of Kanell blend with the airy chords, while Lange takes you on a trance journey of highs and lows. The breakdown one minute in and the sudden moments of silence between expansive synths catches you and draws your attention to the orchestral influences. This song feels like a cool summer evening, the kind that fireflies populate, filled with mystery. This is the kind of song that soars with you.

Lange’s full length album, ‘We Are The Lucky People,’ drops on November 18. Give ‘Fireflies’ a listen below and let us know what you think.

Purchase: Beatport

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