London Grammar- Hey Now (Sasha Remix)


By now many have heard and loved the original of London Grammar‘s ‘Hey Now’. In comes SASHA, creating another masterpiece to add to his endless collection by seamlessly integrating his own flawless backdrop into the beautifully haunting vocals.

The intro features a steady house drum that Sasha uses as the base for mesmerizing manipulations and sounds to give a teaser for what’s to come. He then takes a moment to highlight the voice of London Grammar singer Hannah Reid so we can all appreciate her deep and unique voice before building on it. Using light synth coming from all different octaves and sound spectrums, listeners are brought into a musical paradise that seems to hide pleasant surprises at each turn. At the end of the track Sasha leaves us with a feeling of complete satisfaction – be sure to play on repeat to return to this paradise again and again.

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