Magnetic Man feat. Katy B. – Perfect Stranger + Remixes

Last week Magnetic Man released a jam called Perfect Stranger featuring Katy B, whose vocals are substantially above par in my opinion. I’m also a big fan of the beat through out much of this song, something significantly different from the standard bass/snare and cymbol offbeat which dominates much of the EDM scene (you know what I’m talking about, right?) It’s great to see such strong original work which only leaves the field open for artists like Steve Angelo to continue to do what he always does. Awesome remix. From there, you have Benga’s remix which incorporates an aggressive dubstep sound. Definitely a nice array of genre’s here across several types of house, all stemming from the original mix. Hope you guys enjoy.

Perfect Stranger (Album Version).mp3
[audio: Stranger (Album Version).mp3]
Perfect Stranger (Steve Angello Remix).mp3
[audio: Stranger (Steve Angello Remix).mp3]
Perfect Stranger (Benga Remix).mp3
[audio: Stranger (Benga Remix).mp3]

Download: Beatport

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