Marble Music Label Launch

After partying with Tristan Garner and Gregori Klosman last night in NYC (along with Jus Jack), I was reminded of how big dirty electro music is in France. They stressed that there is not much demand in Paris for their brand of house, but artists like DJ Mehdi, Busy P, Surkin and SebAstian are freakin’ huge! After doing some due diligence on the issue, I came across an interesting nugget of news. The world renowned label headed by Para One, ‘Institubes’ is no longer in existence. The record label was shut down recently and when it was, #institubes was trending on Twitter worldwide. This shows how truly big the French touch is. Anyways, the new label ‘Marble‘ was recently launched by 3 hard-hitting French producer: Bobmo, Surkin, and Para One. If you don’t know these dudes, please listen to Bobmo and Surkin’s track as their amazing outfit High Powered Boys called ‘Hoes Get Down‘. Also, listen to Para One’s banger ‘Dundun dun‘, which was also remixed by Boys Noize. Have a listen to what we can expect from Marble below on their label teaser!


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