Martin Solveig – Ready 2 Go feat. Kele

What’s goin on? I’m Tommy also known as Tommy Tekno at some Friday night house parties and I’m the newest member here at EO. I’ve been a huge fan of electronic music specifically electro, nu disco, french house and dutch house but I can’t say that I’m opposed  to anything electronic, though you probably won’t find me at an Above & Beyond or Paul Van Dyk show.  In ‘Ready 2 Go’ ,Martin Solveig once again takes advantage of a catchy and popular lyricist. Like in Hello where Dragonette’s Martina Sorbara provides the vocals , Solveig uses Kele, lead singer of Bloc Party to have people ‘Ready 2 Go’. Although it came out in late March, the song definitely has the pump up the party sound that will be played beachside throughout the summer months. I know ‘Hello’ had its fair share of remixes and only time will tell to see if ‘Ready 2 Go’ will get that same love. Perhaps if he’s lucky enough Solveig will get the chance to help advertise another type of gum.



  • April 2, 2011

    Camil aka towimi

    welcome to EO :) Some of us are going to dada life next weekend. come so we can meet you!!!

  • April 5, 2011


    this track is sick — wasn’t expecting that dubby wobble in the middle. this is a strain of dub-house i haven’t heard yet….martin keeps killing it, this song is really impressive.

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