Mat Zo – Pyramid Scheme (feat. Chuck D)

Mat Zo - Pyramid Scheme (feat Chuck D)
Get your ears, and body ready. Mat Zo has released his newest track featuring Chuck D titled ‘Pyramid Scheme’. With some extreme funk, Mat Zo releases yet another track that is sure to get you moving on the dance floor. With an extremely unique sound, breaking away from what is becoming a ‘cookie-cutter’ layout for songs, this could easily be one of the best dance tracks released this year!

Working with Chuck D from Public Enemy for this track, we can see why Mat Zo is a fan of Chuck D. Not only does he sound great in hip-hop, but also adds to a great dance track. Hopefully this leads to Mat Zo collaborating with more of his favorites, he definitely deserves it with the immense talent he has. We can’t wait to see where Mat Zo’s career goes from here, because it seems he’s working his way to the top.

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