Michael Woods – Last Day On Earth feat. Duvall (Hyperbits Remix)

Last Day On Earth (Hyperbits Remix)

We’re bringing another exclusive gem for you today. Hyperbits, the collaboration project of Robert Palliser & Serik Slobodskoy are back again with another progressive friendly, feel good remix of the Michael Woods tune, ‘Last Day On Earth’. The lead lick is extremely catchy, and seems very reminiscent of something the Bingo Players would put together. With some euphoric and well processed Deadmau5-ish plucks, along with the epic vocals provided by Duvall, the verses are a welcome break from the overwhelmingly simple chorus leads and jumpy rhythm. I personally had to give the track two consecutive listens before averting my attention to writing this post. A very clean production from the Hyperbits guys, and makes me look forward to see what they have in store for 2012. This track was produced for the DJ Academy Residence Remix Competition. Expect a download after the competition ends in a couple weeks. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more.

For the people who have an account on JunoDownload you can show some support by clicking the LIKE on the link below & help Hyperbits in this competition!


Michael Woods – Last Day On Earth feat. Duvall (Hyperbits Remix)

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