Modfiy Watches: New Bands and Faces for Fall 2013

The team at Modify Watches let us preview their new line of bands and faces and we were absolutely blown away. With over 3000+ combinations there’s no shortage of color schemes you can come up with. You can go with a vibrant Teal band with a muted silver face or for the EDM fans you can pick a Deadmau5 themed watch.

The customization process is real easy. You start by choosing between the Classic or Mini face, then pick your design, and finally you pick the color of your band. We’ll be the first to tell you the materials used are top notch. The straps are ultra soft, lightweight, and UV coated. The faces are scratch resistant and made of stainless steel. The super high quality materials and the thousands of customization options make these watches an awesome purchase for you and your fashion forward buddies.

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