Monday Mix: Justin Brown’s Introduction To Tech House Mini Mix

Robby P made a fantastic mix of big room tunes, and it inspired me to make my own mix (first recorded mix in about 9 months). The genre I have currently been infatuated with is tech house. This may not be prime time club music, but I have really taken an interest to the genre and have listened to artists like Mark Knight, Bass Kleph, and Format:B religiously over the last few months. Tech house really crushes the Beatport charts, and the tunes in this mix should give you a good idea why!

1- Gabriel Rocha- Drunken Russian (DJ PP Remix)
2- Noveau Yorican- Chiuso
3- Bass Kleph- I’ll Be OK
4- Mark Knight- Sax
5- Format:B- Gospel (Superflu’s Antichrist Remix)
6- Gregori Klosman- Bombata
7- Mastik Soul- Que Pasa
8- DIM & TAI- Lyposuct (N00B Remix)

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