MOVIE REVIEW: The ‘Electric Daisy Carnival Experience’

I wish I had a ton of positive remarks to write about this movie, but I unfortunately do not. I can certainly agree that EDC 2010 in Los Angeles was an unbelievable event with a stellar line up. From an organizational standpoint, this festival is one of a kind and extremely impressive. From an overall production standpoint, it is mind-blowing. Where else can you go on an outrageous carnival ride while fireworks are going off and jam out to a Moby DJ set? I mean come on. But I personally thought they focused a bit too much on Kaskade,, the GoGo dancer, and Insomniac. I was thoroughly impressed with the artist footage but unimpressed with the artist interaction. I was really hoping to see DJ’s chatting it up backstage, and also to have input from the guys like Deadmau5, Afrojack, Boys Noize, and Laidback Luke about their sets and the festival in general. I was also kind of weirded out that the director of the film left in a segment when Travis Barker called A Trak an ‘EDC world champion’ when he meant ‘DMC world champion’.

Overall, it was entertaining but the film as a whole did not flow as well as it should have. I was also kind of gutted when I realized they did not cover any of EDC 2011 in Vegas. Some highlights from the film for me included: Boys Noize smashing the venue with his hard maximal electro and proceeding to use his headphones as a visor (my #1 live DJ), using a shitty M-Audio midi controller to play to a crowd of 50,000 (wow…), and Kaskade dropping the Dada Life ‘Dynasty’ remix during peak festival hours. Check out an unbelievable video below of Boys Noize dropping D.I.M and TAI’s ‘Lyposuct’.

Boys Noize Live Set At EDC 2010 from Newestra Video on Vimeo.


  • August 6, 2011


    One movie theatre here in CT cancelled the movie. The theatre I went to had issues & we went into another theatre….sound issues…as for the movie-wanted more DJ interviews than the go-go acts…like the review above was expecting EDC Las Vegas….B-….

  • August 6, 2011


    i heard a ton of theatres cancelled the showing. weird. i went to the one in White Plains, NY. sound was atrocious. probably half volume because the manager was scared of blowing his subs from the heavy low end that accompanies house.

  • August 10, 2011


    The 47 second mark of that video is epic.

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