Mysto & Pizzi ft. Jonny Rose – Where Is Love (Love Is Hard To Find)

I’m going to be a complete loser and do a Valentines Day post. While Robby P & Chz are at their flower shop pushing petals on the busiest flower-buying day of the year, I am sitting on my couch digging for house music (the usual). I found this little nugget in my inbox. Although ‘When Love Takes Over’, ‘Love Is Gone’ (both Guetta) and ‘I’m In Love’ (Alex Gaudino) are all love-themed bangers, they are super outdated and therefore not suitable blog material. This track from the duo Mysto & Pizzi is actually pretty awesome. Cool vocals and an awesome/unique drop make this Ultra release a pretty sweet Valentines Day track. It sounds kind of island-themed as well. Very upbeat synth melody and some cool drums. Enjoy!

Purchase: Juno

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