Nadia Ali – Rapture (Tristan Garner Elevation Remix)

Tristan Garner, one of the hottest dj’s and producers of the new french generation, comes out with an epic remix of Nadia Ali’s ‘Rapture’. If you aren’t familiar with any of Garner’s work, then you are missing out. He has put out enormous tracks such as ‘Give Love‘, ‘Last Forever‘, and the underground anthem of 2010 ‘Fuckin Down‘ (so good), which has gotten plenty of play by some of the biggest DJ’s in the world. If you haven’t heard much from him, then check all those songs I linked. Back to the remix… It’s incredible and is right up there with Avicii’s New Generation remix. Not sure which one I like better, both are amazing. What do you think?

[audio: (Tristan Garner Elevation Remix).mp3|titles=Rapture (Tristan Garner Elevation Remix).mp3]

Download: Beatport

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