NEWS: Bounce Music Festival bringing EDM to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Bounce Music Festival features a wide variety of electronic music artists over the entire month of March 2012. Delving into a lot of dance music subgenres, it’s refreshing to see certain artists that you might not find on an ordinary club night; all featured in one festival. Spring break and great weather is always a plus and there’s no reason why this won’t be a widely talked about event for people to check out while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The first stage of the line up consists Paul Oakenfold, Savoy, Morgan Page, Arty, Tim Mason, Bingo Players, Swanky Tunes, David Puentez, David Berrie, David Dann, The Chainsmokers, and Jus Jack. Starting on February 24th all the way through April 1st, various DJs will be playing selected weeks throughout the core of spring break.

Head over to their website here for tickets and trip info. Having booked major artists like Avicii in past events, it’s apparent Bounce is looking to take their concerts to the next level. After the jump check out our Q&A with co-founders Brandon Silverstein and Jared Lyons to learn what they’ve got planned for future promotional efforts.

Avicii headlining Bounce Music Festival at Indiana University Halloween 2011

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ElectronicaOasis: Lets start off with some basic info, what is Bounce Music Festival? Who is behind it? Have you guys always had an interest in EDM?

Brandon: Bounce Music Festival is an international touring music festival that creates a unique music experience for fans and we are the guys behind it. We have always had an interest in EDM, but recently we have been non-stop listening to EDM. Part of our job is staying in tune with the music. You have to do your homework. I always catch myself saying, who will be the next Avicii? This era of EDM is so new to the world, it’s amazing to be apart of the growth.

Jared: We are not just your average concert that you may go and see. We bring in side acts and incorporate ideas no one has yet to think about to create the ultimate concert experience. In terms of EDM, it’s what I live for. People think I’m crazy when I tell them I fall asleep to EDM during flights.

ElectronicaOasis: Who runs Bounce Music Festival? How did you guys come about working together? How long have you been planning events?

Brandon: Who Runs Bounce? Well, Jared and I are the co-founders. I’d say we have a team of 8 people who work with us. As for planning events we have been partners since we were 16. We used to throw events in New York when we were in High School and we ran a nightclub in the Hamptons for 2 summers. 

Jared: Yeah, our first event was on 39th street and we had 900 people show up. Now, 5 years later we are doing shows with thousands of people. It’s kind of crazy looking back. We didn’t just wake up one day and say we want to create a touring music festival. 

ElectronicaOasis: What inspired you guys to pursue this particular project?

Jared: It all started when we had an opportunity to work on a college concert as freshman. Then we thought, why not do it ourselves in a way that no one has seen before. It was all up hill from there.

Brandon: Nightlife got played out for me. This is on another level. The energy is magnified and it’s somewhat addicting to be involved in.

ElectronicaOasis: Your thirty day music festival takes place in Puerta Vallerta, Mexico. Have you been there before? What made you pick this location?

Jared: We’ve teamed up with Xtreme Trips, the largest college spring break company. They handle all the boring aspects of the trip: hotels and flights for college kids and we handle the experience.

Brandon: Yeah, Xtreme gave us 30 nights, 30 venues, and said do what you want with it. So we did it. Festival packages are almost sold out. Over 1600 packages sold within 3 days of announcing our Phase 1 artists.

ElectronicaOasis: Both the line up and the venues present a complete entertainment experience, is this the first time you’ve done an all-inclusive travel + vacation + entertainment package?

Brandon: Yeah this is the first time.

Jared: This is the first time were bringing Bounce out of the country but definitely expect to see more of it in the near future.

ElectronicaOasis: A lot of the artists playing at Bounce Music Festival have very distinct sound and/or genre; How did you guys decide on some of the artists performing? What sets can we find you guys at during the festival?

Jared: If you’re an EDM fanatic like myself, you absolutely have got to love our lineup. Instead of taking your standard lineup of mainstream DJs and creating a festival out of it, we went out and pulled some of the best upcoming and veteran EDM artists out there.

Brandon: Agreed. Look out for Bingo Players, Arty, and Swanky Tunes and a few more that we haven’t announced yet. They are EDM’s future. We built our bill off of what college kids want. When you are at a pregame you don’t run over to the laptop or iPod that’s plugged into the speaker and put on something that’s mainstream or played out. Tracks that we hear at pregames are something like Rattle by Bingo Players or Sending my Love by Swanky Tunes.

ElectronicaOasis: You’ve already had popular performers like Avicii headline your festivals, any artists you’re looking forward to working with in the future?

Brandon: There are a lot. We have been in contact with the biggest names in the industry, but as I mentioned before, it’s the new artists we haven’t even heard about yet that excite me.

Jared: Yes. The entire industry


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    The era of EDM is not new to the world, at all.

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    nice. Arty is the truth

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    ry bull

    Good interview. Nice catch ElectronicaOasis

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    zach aiken

    Bounce at Indiana with Tiesto and Alesso was the most insane day of my life…nothing will compare…the production was INCREDIBLE!!!!

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