NEWS: Carl Cox, Inventor of Dubstep?

Techno and house DJ Carl Cox recently said in an interview with Time Out London that he, “was playing dubstep three years before anyone even decided to call it dubstep, but [he] never got known for playing that style. [He doesn’t] mind the now generation being seen as the pioneers, but there had to be a Carl Cox pushing the doors open for these guys.”

The statement has been causing a pretty huge stir within the dubstep scene, provoking comments (mostly jokes) from the likes of many so-called ‘now generation’ producers:

Skream (via Twitter): “I would genuinely like to know what pre dubstep tracks Carl Cox was playing”
Plastician (via Facebook): “Pretty sure I never saw Carl in Big Apple. You can name on your fingers and toes the people who opened the door for dubstep. You’d need a festival full of glove wearing squids to stand a chance of naming Carl Cox on fingers and toes.”
Sleeper (via Twitter): “Bach invented Jungle music in the 18th century”
Artwork (via Twitter): “RT if you invented dubstep …”


  • February 6, 2012


    This is hilarious, Carl Cox is a boss.

  • February 7, 2012


    It’s getting more hilarious every month. Dubstep has too much attention, poor house djs have to get some, or poor rock ex-celebrities :( let them be, who cares about it anyway? Founders don’t give a … and we should do the same. And btw. Sleeper is right, i heard Bach used piano as digital sampler, Da Vinci had helped him setting it up.

  • April 2, 2012


    i believe it. pretty sure carl cox is a wizard!

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