NEWS: Dada Life Brings Down The House in Syracuse, Literally

There is now another entry for the ‘Rules of Dada’ – must bring down the roof. Olle and Stefan of the Swedish electro house Dada Life are in the throes of a fall USA bus tour (cue the Almost Famous comparisons) and leaving their mark in the process. The Dadas are known for their gnarly shows, but last night’s stop in Syracuse wreaked some next level havoc, when their signature bass heavy electro actually brought some of the roof down onto the crowd – no one was seriously hurt, beyond the souls of some seriously bummed ravers and banana costumed fans.

The guys are making the most of their stay stateside however, going to Tallahassee tomorrow, then coming back up north for a show near Albany, NY then joining in on the first ever Electric Adventure at 6 Flags in Jackson, NJ. So don’t fret, check em out at one of those tour dates or peep the full list here. And keep doing the Dada in the meantime.

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