NEWS: Deadmau5 Debuts New Stage Production

Ever since tweeting about his brand new stage gear and the endless rehearsals, fans have been anxiously awaiting the debut for the mau5’s new stage setup. Well, that time has finally arrived as Deadmau5 unveiled his newest stage arrangement for his upcoming ‘Meowington Hax‘ tour. Its easy to recognize the impact that Joel has had on the EDM world from a musical standpoint but it is also important to note how he has altered the notion of a standard DJ performance. Through the use of his illustrious mau5heads, his blinding LED cube, and now the addition of his ‘Expert Griefing Machine,’ Deadmau5 has transformed these events from standard EDM shows into full-fledged experiences. Take a look at this video taken from Lollapalooza this past weekend to get a preview of what to expect on his upcoming tour. Also for those of you who are attending his October shows at Roseland Ballroom NYC, Deadmau5 recently announced that he is adding yet another show at this venue on Sunday, October 9th. Get your tickets here.

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