NEWS: Deadmau5 on Beavis and Butthead

I don’t know about you guys but when I saw that there was about to be a brand new season of Beavis and Butthead a few months back, I was the happiest kid alive. I know this episode was a few weeks ago but hey, tomorrow is a night we all have been waiting for. So in cheers to a night of greatness with Deadmau5 for New Years Eve, Beavis and Butthead show some love by commentating the mau5 classic, ‘Ghosts N Stuff.’ Enjoy.

Be sure to check out other music videos commentated by the duo such as, ‘Equinox‘ by Skrillex and ‘Satisfaction‘ by Benny Benassi. If only they got their hands on one of the Dada Life music videos. Bananas huh-huh, huh-huh. He said, ‘an ass’ ‘mhmmem-mhemm huh-huh’.

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