NEWS: Deadmau5 Partners with Microsoft

Every since Deadmau5 announced that he would be putting his ‘cube’ to rest, speculation arose as to what direction Joel Zimmerman would take for his live shows. On his YouTube page, Deadmau5 recently announced that he has joined forces with Microsoft’s Perceptive Pixel Inc. team to create touch-friendly software that will be integrated into his live sets.

“Thanks to our partners over at Microsoft and their PPI team, our team were [sic] able to make some pretty righteous touch software that drives the OSC / Midi to… other … stuff. ;) … its [sic] still early in development, but were making great progress….” -Deadmau5

Famous for his mind-blowing visuals, we can’t wait to see how Deadmau5’s new setup will fare in his live performances!

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