NEWS: Electric Zoo Official Recap Released

Nothing puts the cherry on top to a festival like a good after movie.

This year’s Electric Zoo official recap has just been released, depicting the transformation from bland everyday life into full-on zoo animal that many festival goers experience. With a well-produced range of sounds, colours, fans, stages and DJs seen throughout the five minutes, this is a great memory for this year’s EZF 2012.


  • October 11, 2012

    Chris T.

    this page appropriate just to vent:

    2012 EZoo earliest bird 3-day pass (10/2011): $219 including all fees
    2013 EZoo earliest bird 3-day pass (today): $318 including all fees
    (2010 3-day pass bought a few days before the festy: $335)

    This fool of course ponied up, as I am sure eventually the masses will to, but FUCK THEM, this is bullshit, even though I do believe in: “they will take it if we pay”, and we do…..

    maybe we can at least get more watering stations so that the lines aren’t 30min+ ?

  • October 11, 2012


    Amen! Had to reach deep in the pockets this year!!

  • October 12, 2012

    Chris t.

    postscript, lol:

    zoo + prydz
    + muse = blocked card, due to suspicious

    unusual activity..ha!

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