NEWS: ‘Levels’ To Be Featured In Bud Light Super Bowl Ad

Swedish import Avicii is becoming almost as American as apple pie or, as a better cliche, light beer.

‘Levels,’ after it’s countless trips around the world, it’s hip hop debut and stint on HBO, is coming to the Super Bowl. Avicii leaked the trailer on his Facebook late Friday evening. Murmurs of ‘Levels’ (EO’s No. 1 song of 2011) can be heard during the voice over.

It’s not known whether Mr. Bergling will actually be in the commercial. But it’s fun to toy with the idea that the camera could be panning over to him before the snippet ends.

Light beer, football and Avicii. Sounds like this past fall at many of our nations universities.

The commercial will air Sunday during Super Bowl XLVI.

UPDATE: Anheuser-Busch is planning to use several tracks as a part of it’s Super Bowl ad campaign. Flo Rida’s ‘Good Feeling,’ Kanye West’s ‘Runaway’ and The Cult’s ‘Sell Your Sanctuary’ will all run as soundtracks to three other Bud Light and Budweiser commercials.

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  • February 5, 2012



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