NEWS: Madeon 24 Hour EP Session

Madeon 24 Hour EP
Madeon, the young French producer will be doing a 24 hour EP challenge tomorrow, April 5th. If you are a fan of Madeon, or a producer, this will most likely be live streamed, so it is a great chance to see how he produces his music. You could learn a thing or two!

The event will start at 7 EST. Madeon also created a Soundcloud group where you can join in and make your own 24 hour EP to share. Click here to check it out, and see a description of what it’s all about!

“24 Hours EP is a music production challenge. Starting from a given time, you have 24 hours to produce at least three original tracks (adding up to at least 9 minutes of music).
It’s more fun if you do it simultaneously with other people. It’s an opportunity to encourage you to explore and complete ideas you wouldn’t have thought of normally, and to relief from the pressure a longer production period can often bring.”

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