NEWS: Mark Farina Kicked Off Decks In Vegas

Chicago house legend and down-tempo aficionado Mark Farina was kicked off the decks at Marquee Day Club this weekend for allegedly playing “too much house”. This incident is strikingly similar to what happened to Dennis Ferrer at Mansion Miami in February of this year.  It seems as though the clubs now want to cater to the bottle service crowds, who generally are less discerning and just want to hear the poppy side of dance music. What a shame for all the real house heads. Let us hope this trend doesn’t continue, as it is becoming pretty absurd. Is there a fundamental disconnect between the tastes of the promoter and the tastes of the clientele? I can understand if you aren’t a huge fan of Farina’s mushroom jazz, but nonetheless, kicking him off the decks in hopes of more catchy music in order to please your bottle service people seems excessive.

Mark Farina Live at Rex Club, Paris 3/8/12

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