NEWS: Nero Announces Release Date for ‘Must Be The Feeling’

NERO has announced ‘Must Be The Feeling’ as the last single off ‘Welcome Reality’ and it is due out March 4th on MTA Records. Their killer line-up of remixes include Flux Pavilion & NERO, SebastiAn, Azari & III, Kill The Noise, and Brookes Brothers.

All of NERO’s music videos from singles off their debut album ‘Welcome Reality’ have had this futuristic 80’s theme to them and surprisingly everyone’s still loving it. ‘Must Be The Feeling’ is no different; the video starts out with Joe and Dan placing a huge ‘Must Be The Feeling’ disc into a virtual reality computer and getting in what looks like the DeLorean. They drive around in a ‘big brother’-like world trying to stop someone from releasing some sort of biological weapon. In the end, a ‘Second Reality’ disc is inserted into the virtual reality computer as ‘8082’ flashes on a tv screen. (Does this seem like a J.J.Abraham’s viral campaign to anyone?) If you are familiar with their album, December the 1st, 2808 = ‘Doomsday’.

P.S. If you haven’t heard yet, NERO starts their ‘Second Reality’ North American Tour 03/29!

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