NEWS: New York Times article on the Prodigies of EDM

Looks like after today your parents may recognize some of your favorite producers, as the New York Times has published a fantastic article spotlighting the young EDM prodigies Zedd, Porter Robinson, Madeon, and Krewella.

Luckily this isn’t just another ‘rise of EDM’ piece, as author Ben Sisario not only speaks with the youngsters regarding their overnight successes, but also touches on how this non-traditional movement is shaping the future of the music business. Instead of focusing on how major labels are trying to milk this EDM cash cow, Sisario displays how these artists are taking control of their professional destinies; Krewella’s contract with Columbia allows them to develop their own brand and base, and Madeon and Zedd are looking to score for films and nurture other artists, as Madeon notes, ‘it is risky long-term to base your career around a narrow style that may turn out to be a fad’.

In general, the NY Times does a great job of illustrating how mature and intelligent these innovators are, which makes one believe that perhaps their genius isn’t simply limited to producing noises from machines. Check out the full article here, as it is well worth the read.

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