So as most of you know by now, Skrillex’s collab with The Doors (remaining members) ‘Breakn’ A Sweat‘ was released early last week. The project (RE:GENERATION) released all of its tracks on October 26th. Skrillex’s track has probably the most EDM influence within the records but they are all pretty unique in their own right. I am actually quite taken with the Pretty Lights track, ‘Wayfairing Stranger’.

Mark Ronson’s ‘A La Modeliste‘ probably has the largest amount of outside participants in Mos Def, Erykah Badu, Dap Kings, Trombone Shorty, and Zigaboo Modeliste. His remake along with Dj Premier’s track ‘Regeneration‘, share similar hip-hop vibes (Nas is on Premier’s track, I dig).

The Crystal Method track ‘I’m Not Leaving‘ definitely provides a funk Motown flair with classic CM synths as undertones for the track. All and all the project has in my mind been a success with the Skrillex track taking the cake as its strongest product. Keep an eye out for the documentary which will be released in early 2012.

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