NEWS: Suffers Attack, Service Fully Restored

Refresh, refresh, refresh. Random clicking. Waiting—if you’ve tried to go on this week, there’s a strong chance you did at least one of those actions.

The genius website that allows users to upload their own music and listen to tunes from their favorite artists personal pages has been, historically, a little buggy.

A player won’t play, a page won’t load. It can be spotty, but it comes with the territory.

This week, however, a pair of distributed denial of service (Ddos) attacks crippled the website, Alex Ljung, Soundcloud co-founder and CEO, said.

‘People tried to direct a disproportionate amount of large traffic to the site at one time,’ he said in a private Soundcloud posting earlier today.

He assured users that none of their music was affected in the outage and it only took away access to Soundcloud.

The first outage began Tuesday evening and was corrected by Wednesday morning. A second attack at noon central time, Wednesday, happened afterward. Attackers adjusted to Soundclouds ‘preventative measures’ and the website remained down until 7 p.m. central time., when service gradually came back.

It has been fully restored as of this morning.

In a press release by Ljung and co-founder/Chief Technology Officer Eric Wahlforss, assured they would do everything they can to prevent attacks like this in the future. They thanked users for their patience and for the massive support they’ve been receiving since Soundcloud began in 2007.

Massive traffic attacks on Soundcloud? Who could be so cruel? Good thing they restored service, because Kaskade released a teaser for his latest track ‘How Long’ with Ineptto, off his latest album ‘Fire & Ice,’ earlier this afternoon.

Now, let’s celebrate the return of Soundcloud with a Soundcloud!

Kaskade & Inpetto with Late Night Alumni – How Long [PREVIEW]

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  • October 10, 2011


    I’m glad they figured out the issue…I was bugging out for a little while

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