NEWS: Steve Angello ‘Dance Valley 2011’ Controversy

The Upload of this video was asked to remove the sound. But you can view this video WITH THE SOUND right here.

So Steve Angello admitted that the last ~12 mins of his set were pre-recorded in order to seamlessly sync up with the fireworks and visuals, is this acceptable or going too far? Here is a look at his response to the public:

I just reviewed the clip everyone is talking about . so let me explain , when i do some festivals i have a team there that does all my pyro , fx and co2´s , + most of them have a synced “fireworks show” that is synced to the music so nothing goes wrong for the fireworks show since timing everything is extremely hard for them , so i have a medley mix i close with so they can have everything synced , most big festivals have that and its nothing new , as soon as your closing under a big finale you have that going on.. does that explain it ? i know some of you will still hate cause of the fact that hating if your game but i have now explained it and take it or leave it . i don’t have to prove myself that i´m able to mix i´ve done that my whole life and spend more time mixing then with my daughter so thats it . hope some of you understand , if you don’t sorry about that .. S A”


  • August 10, 2011


    Smh at Shm

  • August 11, 2011


    You guys are crazy to hate on Swedish house mafia they single handed brought a new twist to house and dance music .. so what his last 12 mins was pre recoreded grow the fuck up ppl .. there shows are one of a kind just like them … if you dont like there stuff heres a thought dont listen to them but you guys are a big fucking joke if you think they suck or there fake … LOSER ass fans

  • August 11, 2011


    hey evren. i don’t know if you bothered to read our post, but its completely unbiased. he’s been DJing and producing forever, he can obviously beat match. none of us care. relax dude. and there shows are not even close to one of a kind. one of a kind is Eric Prydz in Concert. maybe a few of the SHM bootlegs are, but thats bout it. n00b

  • August 12, 2011


    pwned. LOL. you wanna see a show thats ‘one of a kind?’ Go see Markus Schultz, Sander van Doorn, Fedde, Carl Cox .. Oh wait, SHM is the best.. I forgot

  • August 13, 2011

    Informed Brotha

    to each his own i guess. But are you really surprised that questioning a member of one of most mainstream house artist wouldn’t ruffle sum feathers. I would go even further to say that S.A. explanation can be translated to…. “the more i make my shows like a Bieber concert the more money i get, fuck bitches, get money” :D. I love you steve but someones gotta keep you honest. Evren Feel free to attack me for being a house music snob.

    P.S. Justin Bieber is ma cousin

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