NEWS: Streamlined 2011 – Tunis Mixed By Leon Bolier

With two renowned artist albums, one much-praised mix-comp and over 30 singles and remixes to his name Leon Bolier has a dance music discography to covet. The next entry into that canon is ‘Streamlined 2011’ – the follow up to his solo compilation debut.  Buenos Aires was the focus for the 2009 release, but this year it shifts its gaze to hot-topic Tunis – one of the epicentres for this year’s Arab Spring.

“Since I have played in Tunis and other places in Tunisia quite a few times now I want to dedicate this CD to the Tunisian crowd. Tunisia being one of the first countries being affected by the Arabic Spring made me realise how precious life and freedom is and should be to every one of us. Whatever side you’re on – it doesn’t matter. As long as we celebrate the fact that we can unite in music, and celebrate life through sharing a passion for the music we love, we can truly overcome our differences. Love to the Tunisian crowd, and having said that, love to all crowds all over the world that make my job one of the best jobs in the world!”

In terms of what you should expect to hear on the album, it could just be simpler to tell you what you won’t. Across the two mixes Bolier stylistically weaves sounds, sequences and FX from the entire EDM panorama. From the early chugging, abstract resonance of ‘Reykur’ and ‘S¢lsetur’ (from Oliver Englafjord, aka Markus Schossow in disguise) on Mix 1 through to Leon’s climactic Pulp Fiction reboot (and Guetta/Van Buuren/Van Doorn hammered) ‘Vengeance, Vengeance’, the album bucks classification. Likewise locked into this mix is the bold, brash, chanted vocal pump of Lissat and Voltaxx’s ‘The Walk’, the hi-lo frequency fusion of Inpetto’s FX-powered ‘Hit Back’ and the out-funk groove of Sergio Fernandez’s latest thoroughbred ‘Night Vibe’. Those in search of big room thrills will need look no further than Apple One’s pulse-racer ‘Start The Fire’ and the afterburning uplift of Matthew Peterson’s ‘Mr Who’.

Things get underway just as fast on Mix 2 with Leon’s purpose-built Intro rework of Sied van Riel’s ‘Rush’ and Sander van Doorn’s Purple Haze comeback ‘Timezone’. Quickly hitting the fast-lane, Boiler dextrously works in captivating vocal numbers like Mike Saint-Jules and Sandel’s ‘Moonlight’, big, striking roof-raisers from Nuera, Dave 202 & Emanuel and Vast Vision (with their no-nonsense podium-pounder ‘Disruption’). Bringing proceedings to a big conclusion he deploys his new production track ‘Yesterday’s Eve’ and the standout floor-blazer from his ASOT500 – South Africa performance, ‘Cape Town’.

‘Streamlined  – Tunis’ is a mix comp for those who want their dance music without borders. A sub- genre free journey into some of the most exciting sound design 2011 has to offer. It’s out on September 9th!

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01 Streamlined – Intro (Open Your Eyes)
02 Danny Cullen ft. Gracie – Mind Game
03 Oliver Englafjord – S¢lsetur
04 Museartic – Ciro (Streamlined Remix)
05 Oliver Englafjord – Reykur
06 Lissat & Voltaxx – The Walk
07 Inpetto – Hit Back
08 Sergio Fernandez – Night Vibe
09 Wojciech Tuszynski – Delays
10 Apple One – Start A Fire
11 Leon Bolier – H2O
12 Matthew Peterson – Mr. Who
13 Leon Bolier – Butterfly (Raneem Remix)
14 Fingerling – La Bella (Orjan Nilsen Midsummernite Mix)
15 Ruben de Ronde (Timide (Andrew Rayel Remix)
16 Snatt & Vix – Ignition
17 Leon Bolier – Vengeance Vengeance


01 Sied van Riel – Rush (Leon Bolier Intro Remix)
02 Sander van Doorn pres. Purple Haze ft. Frederick – Timezone
03 Mario Ayuda & Chris Callado – Astrarium
04 Diederick van Loo – Expose
05 Leander Dittrich – Shores Of Infinity
06 Eden – Ellipse
07 Leon Bolier – Staircase
08 Mike Saint-Jules ft. Sandel – Moonlight
09 Sensi & Damian Wasse – Onixia
10 Nuera – Imagine
11 Dave 202 & Dave Emanuel – Overture (Open Mix)
12 Vast Vision – Disruption
13Leon Bolier – War Of The Worlds (Hodel Remix)
14 Raneem – Free Fall
15 Leon Bolier – Yesterday Eve
16 Leon Bolier – Cape Town

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