NEWS: Ultra Music Records and Ultra Music Festival to Join Forces
announced today that independent EDM label Ultra Music and the ever expanding Ultra Music Festival will be combining to form what is being called a ‘global alliance’. This new mega-electronic brand will be looking to offer a ‘wide array of premium products, services and content including festivals/live events, record label services, film/video productions, live streams, original online TV programming and more’.

Ultra Music president Patrick Moxey anticipates that this power merger will help develop new innovations to ‘bridge the gap between the live experience and the recorded music experience around electronic dance music’. CEO and UMF founder Russell Faibisch notes that ‘together with our existing businesses and the expansion that each of us is undertaking, we believe the Ultra brand offers something that absolutely no other edm brand can’.

In a time where many corporate entities are looking to cash in on the EDM explosion, Faibisch is hoping that this union will help “strengthen one another” and preserve the independent spirit of the electronic scene.

Read the entire article here. Curious to see what everyone else thinks about this endeavor – comments welcome!


  • August 11, 2012


    on an ideological tip, this really is some big fuckin news. there needs to be a vanguard of edm to protect the genre, as a whole, from all the raiding and pillage going on now. and actually i think the thing that’s more important than protecting the genre now is being there for edm once the mainstream drys up and leaves.

    and really tho, who’s better than the two ultras to take heed?!? maybe the pacha group? maybe pasquale rotella and insomniac?

  • August 13, 2012

    Chris T.

    This “merger” sounds like a good thing, but the blurb:
    “…will help develop new innovations to ‘bridge the gap between the live experience and the recorded music experience…”
    sounds like so much marketing BS.

    What’s to develop?
    It all already exists, and is called high-end audio.

    Unfortunately, just about 99% of EDM people (prob. 99% of all people) can’t meet that price-point, and even if, lack the house to get away with it.
    Anything done to a normal price-point will just be electronic/digital wankery ala Bose or DSP surround.

    Fact is, you simply can’t replicate the sound of a live event making noise for 1000s in the home without getting evicted…

  • August 13, 2012


    I agree that this is mostly a positive endeavor – I guess if SOMEONE is going to be making money off this ‘EDM explosion’, it might as well be a group who is truly invested in the scene vs. Nabisco or Sony.

    That being said, I just hope they don’t continue to drive ticket prices up. I know there are production costs yada yada, but come on…

  • August 15, 2012

    Chris T.

    Chi, the sad fact is that they will keep raising the price, because we pay it, even though we gripe.
    Only when they go with empty seats will this stop.
    (see my comment about Avicii at RCMH).
    I’m just as gulity:
    bought tix for Sensation in Bkln at $175.
    That’s for just five hours, you get the whole of Camp Bisco or Counterpoint for that, etc.
    Even pricey Zoo gives you a full day for that now… (and less earlier on).
    Sure it will be a great time, no doubt, but a rip-off even so.

    Should’ve bought some gold and silver instead, nah!

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