NEWS : ZHU Releases Mobile EP

For those who are unaware of ZHU, the electro house producer based out of San Francisco has challenged himself with unique project after unique project. Close to one year ago Mr. Zhu began a project titled 52 to Zhu, where he challenged himself to create a new song each and every week for an entire year.
The project helped Zhu refine his skills to make an equally unique project, the first ever direct-to-consumer digital release designed for easy mobile streaming. Zhu commented,  “It’s not uncommon for people to send/receive and listen to music on their mobile devices, so we wanted to think outside the box and try to utilize different channels to deliver my music to the masses. We were confident in the songs, so we just had to strategize on getting them to people’s ears.”
The video above is the first single from the EP ‘Brute (Bad Bitch)’ which features the vocals of Cassie Cardelle and the man himself (ZHU). The EP features four tracks and anytime an electronic artist releases an EP with more than one original its a big deal, making it a mobile release makes it even more unique!

52 to ZHU

The EP can be streamed via your mobile device by clicking here. Be sure to follow him on facebook & twitter for the latest updates and perhaps wish him luck as he’s only 2 weeks away from completing his challenge!

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