Noah And The Whale – L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N (Fake Blood Remix)

WOW! One of my all time favorite electro producers is back with another banger, and its about time. This guy is mysterious, intelligent, and outrageously talented. His set at Electric Zoo this year melted my face. He has not released a mediocre track yet, and produces in his own ‘loft’ day in and day out. It is quite apparent that he takes loads of time with each song, and you can definitely feel and hear the intricacy throughout his music. With masterpieces like ‘Mars‘, ‘I Think I Like It‘, and ‘Medievel‘ (my favorite track at the moment for some odd reason), Mr. Theo Keating is a phenomena. Now the remix…well it is just epic. Absolutely flawless and very well done. Classic break downs and weird/catchy ass synths. It is quite apparent that Fake Blood has left his Wiseguys & Black Ghosts history behind him and fully embraced the awesomeness that is ELECTRO. *Note*: I am by no means dissing The Wiseguys or The Black Ghosts. Both groups make fantastic music!

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