NONONO- Pumpin Blood (The Chainsmokers Remix)

There really isn’t much to say about The Chainsmoker’s remixes these days. We all know they are going to be impressive, original, and flat out awesome. Their newest remix of the NONONO’s ‘Pumpin Blood’ is so catchy it’s ridiculous. We have had it on repeat with the vocals and piano melody are so smooth and flow incredibly well. The end has some sort of a Trap breakdown as well which caps off the track. EO has supported The Chainsmokers since the beginning, and the duo has gained almost 100k Facebook likes since then, deservedly so. This remix is a free download so make sure you go grab it!

Here is a little quickie from Alex and Drew.

‘So we actually finished this tune back in 2013 but have been waiting patiently to release it, and now that time has come. Pumpin Blood was a pretty massive tune for 2013 racking up over 1,000,000 plays and really putting NONONO on the map, who have since been blowing up internationally, so naturally we were honored to work with the talented swedish act. The song itself has so many interesting components between the verses and chorus’ and who doesnt love a good whistle, its got a great sense of emotion. So during the making of this remix…… shit we cant remember we did it so long ago, fuck, whatever, but hey it has our signature pluck and we gave it a trap breakdown to spice it up a bit. Anyway, the tune has three distinct parts, and in approaching our music production now, we really want to think about the songs in terms of distinct parts to create a well quote unquote perfect whole… so we have our really emotional piano intro that pulls you in, then our sort of ectasy drop or whatever you call it, and then into this sort of thugged out trap part and then back into glorious… its a favorite of ours because we always try to create these engaging emotional aspects that draw you in and this song we feel really accomplishes that in each of its sections’

Free Download

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