Nstu Collective Agreement 2018

In an email to union members on Wednesday, NSTU President Paul Wozney cited the good news in power and evidence that the government acted in bad faith in 2018 by announcing six new vacancy notices. The amendment also applied to all existing specialists who worked on contracts and had to reconstitute each school year. In the press release, the NSTU stated that under the provincial Liberal government`s Bill 148 – the Public Service Sustainability Act that came into force in August 2015 – the years of service to calculate long service premiums were frozen as of March 31, 2015. However, under the new agreements ratified on Tuesday, employees can withdraw their performance bonus on the basis of their retirement salary or withdraw it immediately on the basis of their salary of 31 March 2018. The Nova Scotia Teachers` Union has reached a preliminary agreement with the provincial government on a new contract for its members, the organization confirmed on Monday. Differences of opinion on the state of schools and the reopening during the COVID 19 pandemic also made headlines. “Out of respect for collective bargaining, the NSTU will not publicly vote on the interim agreement until after a ratification vote.” Rosalind Penfound, vice-president of the organization at the NSCC, said they were pleased to have the agreements. The financial terms of this proposed agreement are no different from the province`s recent contract with Crown`s lawyers. The four-year contract also included a 7 per cent pay increase over the life of the contract. “This decision confirms that the government`s unilateral measures do not respect the rights of teachers and specialists, nor do they respect mutual agreements or long-standing principles of labour law. The proposed agreement also provides for an increase in professional development credits for each of the regional training centres and the Provincial Acadian School Board, the Province`s Francophone School Board. The introduction of the Glaze report in 2018 and the dissolution of Nova Scotia`s headteachers in favour of regional educational centres were strongly rejected by the NSTU.

“We are very pleased that our colleagues in the NSTU`s negotiating units … . The last proposals from our collective bargaining have been voted on. It is good to conclude these agreements and put them to bed. In an arbitration award issued this week, arbitrator Eric Sloan stated that the Department of Education`s decision to no longer require specialists to obtain a special teacher`s certificate before accepting a job at a school, which meant they would not be part of the NSTU, was taken unilaterally and “in many ways violated the collective agreement.” The agreement on which teachers must vote does not contain questions about the retirement plan.

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