Official Video: Vengerov – Kazantip Intro (Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa Remix)

As if I weren’t already literally dying to go to Kazantip, the wild months long rave on the edge of the Black Sea, today Grusha Records uploaded the official video for Vengerov – Kazantip Intro, mixed by Swanky Tunes and Hard Rock Sofa. From the perspective of bleak, dreary wintertime NYC, the debauchery and sun of Kazantip in the video looks actually like heaven and as a YouTube commentator wrote the music ain’t half bad either “OOOOOOOHHHHHHH MY GOD !!!!!!! i wanna have sex with this song !!!!!!! right now !!!” If that isn’t a rousing endorsement, I don’t know what qualifies. This is definitely a NSFW clip, but it does capture actual events, so perhaps you could pass it off to your boss as a documentary? In any event, it’s a must watch.

Download: Beatport

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