One Direction – Story of My Life (Sevag Area-201 Remix)

It seems we are posting about Sevag every week now, and couldn’t be more ecstatic. The NYC phenom has come out with yet another wonderful remix, this time for One Direction’s ‘Story of My Life’. Taking a Top 40 track and putting a big-room sound that people will actually enjoy is a tough task, but leave it to Sevag to accomplish that. Balancing out the original and transforming it into a dance melody is a thin line to work with, and many artists fail doing this. Sevag’s remix has already been supported by Italian duo Promise Land in their podcast series, ‘The Amazing Show’. Whether you like One Direction or not, you will love this remix. Mister east will be rocking on Saturday nights when they hear this one, especially with huge break-down.

We have trekked into New Jersey two Saturdays in a row to see Sevag, and both times have really been in awe of his crowd control and versatility in his sets. There is something special about him, not just another NYC DJ to make a splash on the scene, we’re talking tidal waves. It’s only a matter of time until he is internationally renowned and is headlining festivals. Listen and support!

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