Passion Pit – Carried Away (Tiësto Remix)


After just celebrating his 44th birthday last week, the big dog Tiësto is back with a new release and video for Passion Pit, a favorite amongst remixers these days. The track “Carried Away” is laced with trademark Tijs big-room progressive synths with the hands-in-the-air euphoria we’ve come to expect as of late from the Dutch kingpin. After taking on remix projects for The Naked & The Famous and Youngblood Hawke last year, it’s evident that Tiësto has mastered the ability to preserve the important vocal elements of indie dance while blowing up the basslines for the main stage.

And if we can learn anything from the video, it’s that if you eat colored sand and ingest a match, you’ll explode into five doppleganger versions of yourself. Take notes kids.

Purchase: Beatport

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