Patrick Topping – Boxed Off EP

Patrick Topping - Boxed Off EP

NEED all three tracks from this EP! Patrick Topping is the UK’s hottest new talent who Jamie Jones snatched up and is now a forerunner for Jones’ label ‘Hot Creations’. All of the tracks in ‘Boxed Off’ certainly live up to be [more than] hot creations with unique basslines and unexpected twists. The only complaint is that there are only three tracks at a minute and a half each, but even if they were all triple the length we would still be craving for more.

Track 1- ‘Forget’
Get ready to dance in your seat, in your car, wherever you are as soon as this song starts with a catchy beat that drops into a smooth bassline then transforms into a playful riff set on top fresh lyrics.

Track 2- ‘Boxed Off’
Boxed off meaning creating a box with all electronic music tracks inside, then placing this one outside of it? Yes, agreed- listen through and you’ll be in for a surprise treat…

Track 3- ‘Shwicked’
At this point Patrick Topping is just showing off his musicality and swagger- but we don’t mind one bit. Make sure to hear this perfect combo of bass with smooth style before it hits the dancefloors worldwide.

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