Popeska – Heart of Glass (feat. Denny White)

Popeska -
Popeska’s ‘Heart of Glass’ will be released on Wolfgang Gartner’s label Kindergarten Recordings on February 18th. It is the first release in the three-part “Spirit Animals” concept series. The track does not simply stick to a single genre, but combines pop and indie elements into a melodic electronic dance track.

In this concept series, each song is representative of a mythological, god-like animal that he will release individually along with each track he releases. When Popeska was asked to explain this concept series further, he replied with the below:

“Every song to me has a soul to it, something that makes it feel like it has a life of its own. I know I’ve finished a song when I feel that it has finally ‘come alive.’ My music is a collection of beings that have been born out of my head, heart and soul, and these beings carry my message, with and without words. I imagine these beings as animals, spirit animals, living in the songs, living as the songs, vibrant and colorful and living in a world so very different from our own, yet not so different at all.” -Popeska

Purchase: February 18th

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