Some solid electro just in time for Miami this year! Boysnoize Records proudly presents the third annual Miami Noize Compilation, a thorough analysis of the diverse electronic music output for which BNR is known for. The compilation consists of tracks by some BNR favorites in addition to songs by some up and coming producers for the label. The album includes one of our most anticipated tracks of 2012 which is by Bart B More and Felix Cartal called ‘Cascade.’ Be sure to also give the tune ‘Warped’ by SCNTST a listen as this kid has put out some unbelievable tracks and truly utilizes some cutting edge techniques in his productions. The compilation is set to release on March 12th and don’t forget to buy your tickets for Miami Noize 2012! Here is some early feedback for the compilation:

Harvard Bass: Wow! All these are great! Def gonna be splaying out a lot of these. Also loving the strip steve joint. Strollin’ ALL DAY.

Brodinski: The BS1 is defo the one I play! This is amazing! Love the Spank Rock track!

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