PREVIEW: Dada Life – Rolling Stone T-Shirt (Original and Cazzette Remix)

Back in Summer of 2010 at Electric Daisy Carnival, Sweden’s most hyper duo, Dada Life dropped their original track, ‘Rolling Stone T-Shirt.’ It’s sad because it kind of vanished before our eyes but it is so good! What happened to it? Since this track’s live debut, we have seen countless numbers from Dada Life that have been more than notable.

Since then, another emerging Swedish hyper duo has revitalized this original into a forthcoming remix. Amplifying the Dada drop with more of a Cazzette style, a dubstep inspired yet poppy electro sound. There have been many warnings to watch out for Cazzette because they would be ruthlessly attacking 2012 with multiple club smashers. Here’s your first example. Details coming soon!

Dada Life – Rolling Stone T-Shirt (Cazzette Remix)

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