PREVIEW: Daft Punk – Emphazed

Ladies and gentlemen, Daft Punk hysteria is back and crazier than ever. Last night a new and mysterious potential leak entitled “Emphazed” confused and excited the blogosphere.

Real or fake, the song itself has some of the familiar elements we’ve seen from the French duo over the years – the well-planned arpeggios and stuttered electronic bleeps, all under a darker guise that wouldn’t be too far-fetched given their production work on Tron.

While we heard similar “leaks” around productions from the likes of Mord Fustang releases, the timing now seems more realistic. From confirmed album collaborations with Giorgio Moroder and Nile Rodgers, to the screenshot with supposed tour dates for 2013, to Yelle’s tweet with mocked up album art, the rumors are swirling.

We’re still skeptical that this could be a real production from two of the pioneers of dance music, but it sure is nice to hope.

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