PREVIEW: David Guetta & Avicii – Sunshine

Woah! David Guetta and Avicii collaborating to make a track? I think we all saw this move coming in the back of our heads, but it realistically happening is a big move for the world of edm. The track is wonderful, Avicii’s infamous swedish synth lines completely take over this track and give it such joyful vibes. Avicii has been making some serious moves this summer with his release of ‘Fade Into Darkness,’ aka the vocal version of ‘Penguin’ has been a hit ever since it dropped. Guetta and Avicii releasing this preview is a serious teaser because I’m sure all of you cannot wait for the release, set for August 29th, quite a wait unfortunately. Be sure to keep your ears peeled for this track during Identity Festival since Avicii is officially playing!

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