PREVIEW: Deadmau5 – The Veldt

He’s baaaaack. After a stint producing some arguably…strange tracks, Deadmau5 has returned with ‘The Veldt’ to show his fans just what he’s made of. This is classic Deadmau5, chock full of deep, melodic chords and entrancing repetition. This is the pureness stuff that enticed house music fans to fall in love with the genre. Featuring vocals by Chris James, the single will be available May 6 from Ultra Records, but almost more exciting is the announcement of The Veldt EP which will be released June 25.

Deadmau5 had initially created ‘The Veldt’ during a live uStream session (see here), a medium that he seems particulary fond of and puts him in contact with his fans, and then became aware of a vocal version made by a fan and voila, the single was born. Behold the power of the Internet, folks!

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