PREVIEW: Eric Prydz – Everyday


This is one of those illusive Eric Prydz tracks formally known as ID.

(It’s always bad ass to see a track called ‘ID.’)

In typical Pyrda fashion, the style Americans were finally exposed to this past summer, we are reintroduced to the the deep, retro instrumental that evokes nothing but emotions. Pryda music.

Now, it doesn’t take an Ivy leaguer to deduce that this is a fantastic track (though we have one on staff in case,) the main talking point is from the actual Zane Low-rip.

Pryda versus Deadmau5.

A little ambitious in the grand scheme of things. Two very different artists. Maybe he meant Deadmau5′ progressive circa-2008 versus Pryda-2012.

Now, if there was ever a reason to build a time machine and have a ‘Professional Griefers‘-type showdown, that would be it.

No release information for ‘Everyday’ as of yet, but it surely will be followed closely.

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