PREVIEW: Feed Me – Teeth EP

Feed Me – One Click Headshot

BOOM! Headshot! Feed Me’s third EP, ‘Teeth’ is dropping Monday on Mau5trap Records. His previous two EPs, ‘To The Stars‘ and ‘Feed Me’s Big Adventure‘ have both been incredibly successful among the Dubstep/Electro genre. Two awesome tracks that are featured on his upcoming EP are ‘One Click Headshot’ and ‘Whiskers.’ ‘One Click Headshot’ features a very unique sample, the 6 year old viral youtube video ‘Boom Headshot‘ by FPS Doug. It almost has a Skrillex, ‘Reptile’s Theme’ style to it having a super bouncy drop and includes that infamous ‘jump!’ sample every few seconds.

‘Whiskers’ is more on the dubstep side of the spectrum displaying Feed Me’s destructive signature drops. Knowing that Feed Me dropped his first EP a little over a year ago and he is already in the midst of releasing his third on monday is extremely impressive. Be sure to grab your copy!

Look out for Feed Me because he’ll be in New York City on April 6th at Terminal 5, get your tickets HERE before they disappear. If you are interested in checking his EP tour in a different state, his tour dates are available HERE.

Feed me – Whiskers

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