PREVIEW: Jeremy Olander – Airsteala (Dirty South Remix)

Dirty South is back yet again. I can honestly and truly say that he is the best remixer in house music. Yes I am well aware that this is a bold statement that will be disputed and questioned numerous times, but that is really how I feel! Busy synth lines and an absolutely filthy drop make this track somewhat reminiscent of ‘Sweet Disposition’, which was a dance floor destroyer. What I like about Dirty South’s productions, especially his remixes, is that you can truly get a feel for how much time he spends and how intricate they truly are. He is just a legend…period.

On a side note, stay tuned for some SERIOUS Electronica Oasis updates. We have aesthetic upgrades coming that relate to the navigation bar and the popular posts section. We have interviews with Bart B More, Tristan Garner (who has agreed to get shitfaced with us when he comes to the US), Gregori Klosman aka da KaT, and Cosmic Gate (#24 in top 100 DJ poll) coming up…and that’s just to name a few! We have an EO Mix section being added this week, in which myself and Robby P will be posting mixes, along with some of our DJ friends. We then have something revolutionary on the agenda: we will be posting and writing opinionated editorials that relate to the dance music scene in which our viewers will be able to comment and talk about feelings and sentiments with regards to dance music! Our first Op Ed will be written by my good friend Tommy Galanek and will thoroughly evaluate the growth of electronic dance music as it relates to the advertising industry. STAY TUNED!!

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