Preview: Reder8 – Amazing (Original Mix + Promise Land Remix)

Earlier this month Reder8 provided us with a preview of their upcoming track “Amazing.” Well, it’s been a few weeks and just as a reminder/heads up…Reder8’s label, Net’s Work Records will be releasing “Amazing”, as well as the “Amazing (Promise Land Remix) on November 5th. This track is getting some serious attention, so check the site back and we’ll be sure to provide you with this monster track as soon as it hits the shelves. Until then, we’ll have to settle for these, hmm, can I say it? …”amazing” previews. Wow I hate myself.

I’d also like to thank our friends at Beat My Day for the content behind this post, check out their site, I guarantee you’ll like it. Enjoy.

Reder8 – Amazing (Original) Preview

Reder8 – Amazing (Promise Land Remix) Preview

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