PREVIEW: Third Party vs Cicada – Feel

Our No. 1 most anticipated track of 2012 has officially been given a release date.

As originally speculated, this one will be arriving just in time for next months madness in Miami. March 12 is the date to circle.

A teaser from Tiesto’s Club Life had been in circulation since the summer, but the marketing geniuses at SIZE Records let the ‘Feel’-buzz generate for the better part of a year to give Third Party’s other releases some spotlight. Brilliant move as their ‘Daddy‘ and ‘Otherside‘ remixes exploded in popularity.

‘Feel’ is likely to be a major player at Ultra Music Festival and, perhaps, one of the biggest releases of 2012.

Be, be, be, be. Ena, ena, ena, ena. Ah, ah, ah, ah. Ay, ay, ay, ay!

PREVIEW: Third Party vs Cicada – Feel (Official Clip)

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