The Prophet – Breaks EP 1

The Prophet - Breaks EP 1

The Prophet has been on a roll as of late, churning out loads of new music. The Godfather of hardstyle returns with a two track EP entitled Breaks EP 1. The numerical association in the title leads us to believe that a series of EPs might ensue! The two tracks comprising the EP are ‘In The Mix’ and ‘Fakkin Hardstyle’. The first track on the EP, ‘In The Mix’ relies heavily on the amazingly crass sound of the bass with a mesmerizing synth loop powering atop. ‘Fakkin Hardstyle’, on the other hard, is slightly more sped up than the first track and includes a more muzzled bass with an emphasis on the screeching sounds layered above. ‘Fakkin Hardstyle’ also incorporates a vocal segment that repeats ‘this is fakkin hardstyle baby’- just in case you forgot what you were listening to! ;)

Out now on Scantraxx Recordz, check out the latest from The Prophet below!

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